Formula Student is the largest engineering competition for students worldwide, with over 500 teams taking part. The aim of the competition is to construct a racing car every year, manufacture it, test it and compete against each other at events in different countries at the end of the season. 

As the Formula Student is a design competition, it has been divided into different disciplines. These are static or dynamic and make different demands on the team in each case. The static disciplines test the understanding of the construction, as well as the manufacturing processes, but also economic decisions. In the dynamic disciplines, the driving performance of the car is put to the test.


Static Diciplines

  • Design Report
    Presentation of the constructive decisions and project management in front of judges from the automotive industry and other engineering related companies. In personal conversations the topics and decisons are further discussed and have to be defended.
  • Cost Report
    Fictitious calculation of the costs for series production of the car. The manufacturing costs are added up and the manufacturing decisions are justified.
  • Businessplan Presentation
    Pitch for a fictitious company that you build up to market your racing car.

Dynamic Diciplines

  • Acceleration
    Acceleration over a distance of 75 m
  • Skid Pad
  • Test of the cornering ability of the racing car in the form of an eight. At the figure eight you have to drive twice the left circle and twice the right circle. Then the times are averaged.
  • Autocross
    Sprint with many sharp turn, a slalom and acceleration parts. Highly dependent on every aspect of the car as well as the skill of the driver
  • Endurance
    A 22 km endurance race for the car. in the middle the car has to be turned off and the driver changed.
  • Efficiency
    During Enduracne the usage of energy/fuel is measured and judged in comparison to the times driven. Most efficient driving wins.