Fraunhofer IAPT

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The Fraunhofer Institute for Additive Production Technologies IAPT is the 70th institute to be part of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, one of the leading organizations for applied research in Europe with approximately 25,000 employees. The Fraunhofer IAPT was founded from the LZN Laser Zentrum Nord GmbH and parts of the Institute for Laser and Systems Engineering of the Technical University of Hamburg as one of the world's leading institutions for scientific-industrial technology transfer in 3D printing. It is active in the research and development of additive production technologies with a focus on design, process and factory with approx. 100 employees in Hamburg and Lüneburg. The focus is on the application of additive technologies in aircraft, vehicle, rail vehicle, ship, tool and machine construction as well as in medical and plastics technology for series production in the sense of rapid and bionic manufacturing. The Fraunhofer IAPT pursues the goal of enabling its customers for additive series production with unique technical performance efficiency as well as highest quality and cost efficiency in the product and to open up new profitable business fields with unique selling points through application-oriented research".