Welcome to the e-gnition team!

What we do:

Within one year we are planning, constructing, manufacturing and testing a new electric race car to compete with other Formula Student Teams on well-known European racetracks. During the development we utilize new and alternative materials, as well as modern production techniques. In this context we're dealing with tomorrow's mobility. This is all provided due to generous supporters from economy, industry and research.

What motivates us:

The competition is our opportunity to transfer our theoretical knowledge to practical experience. It's about technonolgy as well als project management, budgeting, marketing an communication - within the team and with external partners. This combination prepares us for our future work life. By gathering different hard and soft skills the participation at e-gnition ist the perfect addition to university life and an enrichment to our education.

What we offer:

Whoever works with us, will get access to a network of dedicated students as well as facilitators, partners and sponsors in research, industry and economy. Our racing car ist not only using the latest, but also the next-generation technologies and will be geared towards the media and racetrack in Hockenheim.